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icona Scalable and resilient architecture

Scalable and resilient architecture

iSmart Frame works with redundancy levels that allow it to handle sudden traffic fluctuations and guarantees a SLA of 99.9% on all available resources (compute, storage, network).

The following picture illustrates our solution architecture:



Users access to the site contents via a load balancer; the load balancer distributes the traffic among the proxy instances (the number of proxy instances will change dynamically in relation to site traffic).

In detail, a iSmart Frame node consists of a NGINX reverse proxy and a proprietary SEO Engine. By default the statics pages are managed by the proxy; any dynamic contents will be required on the content servers. In this case the engine will apply any post-processing task on contents or JS/HTML code.

A series of fallback mechanisms have been studied in order to improve the platform availability. In case of network/systems issues the iSmart Frame infrastructure is able to manage the following case:

  • FAIL OF ONE OF THE PROXY NODE: the load balancer is notified and automatically turns all requests to the only working proxies;
  • ALL PROXY FAIL: load balancer bypasses iSmart Frame infrastructure and redirects all requests to customer CMS servers;
  • ISMART FRAME ENGINE FAILES ON A PROXY: in this case the balancer continues to query NGINX, which, as soon as a blocking error is detected on iSmart Frame Engine first it tries to redirect the requests on the iSmart Frame instances of the other servers node and in case of non-response of these, it sends requests directly to the end customer CMS servers.

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