Key features

icona Secure


iSmart Frame is a platform with a high level of security both at user and system level. All accounts / users are protected with authentication and access can also be filtered by IP. Authorizations / users can grant different privileges to different team members, for example limiting the possibility of accessing some sections or having write permissions only to some application areas. iSmart Frame can be hosted on OVH / AWS / Microsoft using strict security policies and best practices.

The connection to the backend is protected and uses secure protocols (HTTPS), all connections between the servers and the source are protected end-to-end using Transport Layer Security.

iSmart Frame doesn’t store personal information (confidential data, authentications, etc.) of website visitors, any page protected with a session is not read and bypassed. Form inputs are ignored by the system.

Penetration tests are performed with regular frequency.

We have been granted with the certification ISO/IEC 27001.


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